We Need Your Help
According to the most recent statistics, the number of fishing-related jobs in the U.S. went from 1 million to 1.2 million between 2009 and 2010. A similar study stated that the unemployment rate for fisherman was up 27%. In many cases they too have become homeless.

We respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person and treat all with justice, equity and compassion. We honor the lives, concerns and stories of people in need and expect our partners to do the same. We accept one another and encourage diversity of thoughts and ideas.

Stewardship and Accountability
We keep faith with the public trust through the efficient and compassionate use of resources entrusted to us and are mindful that our mission is accomplished through the generosity of others. We maintain and communicate accurate and timely information on hunger research, education, advocacy and service. We evaluate and account regularly for how resources are used to implement and achieve our mission.

We believe in the power of our community. We collaborate and build strong relationships, based on trust, with and among those who share our vision of creating a hunger-free community. We work together to accomplish the vision at the local levels, valuing each other's roles and using an open process and honest communication. We seek out and are responsive to the input and counsel of our partners.

We operate with an acute sense of urgency that reflects the immediate needs of people struggling with hunger and employment. We challenge our employees, volunteers and partners to embrace the same sense of urgency to accomplish our shared vision.

We believe service to others is fundamental to creating a hunger-free community in addition to assisting others. We serve with excellence, compassion and responsiveness to meet the needs of those with whom we work, internally and externally. The better we serve the more people we bring together in commitment to our vision.

We act with honesty, trust and openness and deliver on commitments. We act within the spirit of agreements, contracts and law. Our intentions and actions will be transparent and above reproach.

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