Mission Statement

Starving Charters mission is to assist already existing hunger relief programs with high quality protein. As much as possible, Starving Charters will fish the bountiful waters of the Gulf Coast to meet the needs of others with its catch. Starving Charters will seek people to help in fulfilling these needs. People who are willing to give to see this mission succeed, but also work for the success Starving Charters has envisioned. Starving Charters will work daily to change the lives of the many less fortunate within our area. Starving Charters will actively be searching for the families who need it most. Starving Charters will be a part of a large network of churches and other organizations that share the goal to give.

Company Overview
In summary, Starving Charters is a company that uses a former charter boat for charity purposes. The captains are donating their time and the crew donates the hard work. Unfortunately, it does cost to go, although the 501c3 tax exempt status should ease some of the finanacial burden on the donors doing the fishing. In order to keep the cost at a mininum at the dock, Starving Charters must raise funds to cover the cost of the many more expenses that exist. The cost of this operation is minimal compared to the impact it will make on the many lives of those in need.

How We Started
It all began one day when a fisherman began to count his blessings. This fortunate feeling led this fisherman on a mission to give. After many hours driving the truck to the boat, and then the boat to the fish, it came to him. What else could a fisherman give besides fish? So it began, at first it was work with a local food bank and a few members trying to work something out. It didnt take long and this food bank was to donate a giant freezer unit to this mission. After long consideration and not much cooperation on its placement and location, this plan fizzled. Then out of nowhwere, BOOM!!! Deepwater horizon was upon us. It seemed like the fishermans world was ending. Very sad for all fisherman. Not so much for all the new entrepenuers that the accident created. It took some time and things seemed to be getting back to normal after all the money left. Seemed so anyway. The first year after the BP debacle all the fishermeen seemed to struggle. These struggles led a few fisherman to invest in commercial permits in order to offset some of the losses anticipated. After considerable amounts of time and money invested to catch federally regulated fish, these captains were told their fish was pretty much worthless. Barely enough to cover the expenses of going. While at the same time this same fish was being sold in the city for $22.95 a pound. It was this disparity in price which led to the beleif it would be worth a whole bunch more to the people who really need it. No longer were the captains going to enable the man in the middle to get rich of off their hard work. So there at the dock with a boat load of fish and extremely frustrated the light bulb lit up. Starving Charters was born. A non profit that donates its catch. Now the fish is priceless.